What makes Eagle Protect™ unique? The Eagle Standard ensures our products meet consistent high quality specifications and are manufactured sustainably and ethically via our fully transparent supply chain. It safeguards our partner’s businesses by protecting their staff, products or patients and brand reputation. Eagle sets the industry standard with our five points of difference.

Factory Visits

Eagle staff visit our factories to ensure product manufacturing quality and performance, and ethical sourcing including factory staff conditions and environmental impact.

Benefit to you
Reduced frustration: You receive consistent quality of Eagle products, sourced from reputable suppliers. The same high quality product, every time.

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Supplier Code of Conduct & Independent Audits

The Eagle Supplier Code of Conduct remains a core requirement of our supply chain partnerships, in addition to Sedex membership & independent third-party auditing of our factories. A core range of our gloves are manufactured in WRAP certified facilities (Gold level).

Benefit to you
Brand Protection: Proof of ethical sourcing, respect for labor rights and quality control measures to safeguard your brand reputation.

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Single Source Model

Sourcing each Eagle product from single suppliers guarantees consistent premium product quality and supply.

Benefit to you
Peace of Mind: Consistent, audited manufacturing standards ensure you receive the same glove performance and quality with each order.

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Supply Chain Traceability

Partnering with FDA award winning platform Assure+ (formerly know as Rifder), Eagle is revolutionising the glove industry by capturing, securing and sharing supply chain activity including shipping, product and testing documentation.

Benefit to you
Ease of Documentation: Easily access product and testing documents needed for specifications or certification. Eagle’s traceability safeguards your business from extreme safety issues such as counterfeit gloves and glove factory labor exploitation.

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Delta Zero™

Third-party laboratory testing ensures the consistent quality and safety of Eagle gloves’ raw materials, and the absence of unsafe chemicals, toxins and microbial contaminants.

Testing is currently undertaken in the US, and is in the process of being rolled out to a range of Eagle gloves in New Zealand.

Benefit to you
Mitigate Glove Risk: Confidence in the consistent highest quality and performance of Eagle’s gloves mitigates the risks of glove contamination and protects the health of your staff and/or patient.

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By purchasing Eagle products, you are assisting in safeguarding what matters -  your team, your customers and your company.

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