Who We Are

Eagle Protect™ was founded in Aotearoa, New Zealand in 2006, growing rapidly to now supply approximately 80% of the primary food processing industry in New Zealand with responsibly sourced disposable gloves and protective clothing. We are also a recognised supplier to the dental, medical and industrial markets within New Zealand. 

Our business has been founded on honesty and integrity, only sourcing our products from like-minded manufacturers. Having visited many disposable glove manufacturing factories with poor hygiene and labour conditions, we have grown in our desire to only work with those factories who look after their workers, contribute to their communities, and reduce their environmental impact. 

 B Corp message

As a Certified B Corporation™, the only in our industry since 2012, we’re recognised for meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental impact, business accountability and transparency. We have a focus of reducing customers’ environmental impact, improving their glove safety practices and ensuring their brand reputation through a fully transparent and traceable supply chain.

Our Impact Report explores the many ways we have been contributing to our community, helping our suppliers and the environment.


Our Purpose: To Safeguard the World with Integrity

At Eagle Protect we believe in developing partnerships with our customers and safeguarding what matters most to them. Be it our superior products and service, our transparent and traceable supply chain, ethical sourcing and impact reduction, our customers benefit from the care and integrity of partnering with Eagle.

How Can We Help You

We are committed to working with our customers to reduce the impact of their business, through correct product selection, dispensing and technology (especially during manufacturing) and safeguarding their brand reputation. 

With expertise on correct product selection and best use, together with an improved quality of products, Eagle Protect can reduce the environmental impact of your business - reducing product failure and waste, and associated disposal costs.

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