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07-07-20 World’s Only B Corp™ Certified PPE Supplier Gains 4th Certification; Helps Reduce Coronavirus Waste
13-05-20 Purchasing Of Gloves And PPE For NZ Results In Poor Quality
14-04-20 Purchasing PPE During Covid-19 Pandemic: Beware Of Faulty Products From New “suppliers”
09-03-20 Foodborne Illness Pathogens & fecal Contaminants Found on New Disposable Gloves
05-03-19 Glove Company Reducing Customers Environmental Impact
21-12-18 Glove Manufacturer Accused of Labour Rights Abuse
13-03-18 Eagle Protect Discontinues Vinyl Glove Sales Due to Food Safety & Health risks
22-03-18 NZ Food Safety Company Reducing Foodborne Illness In The U.S 
26-09-17 Eagle Protect sets Global Food Industry Standards with Child Labor Free Certification
21-03-13 Eagle Consumables - NZ's first certified B Corporation



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23-01-18 Are Your Disposable Food Gloves Safe?  |  Food Quality & Safety Magazine
10-06-16 US food industry focus is squarely on food safety, Eagle finds | Meat Export NZ
01-02-16 The Changing Face of Business Success | Latitude Magazine
21-10-15 Christchurch Companies leading the way | Scoop Independent News
06-11-15 Christchurch firm Eagle Protect earns triple bottom line rating | Stuff Business News



Steve Ardagh is the founder and CEO of Eagle Protect. After establishing Eagle Protect as an industry leader in New Zealand, he relocated with his family to the US in January 2016 and launched Eagle Protect PBC, bringing Eagle's values of providing products that are certified food safe, ethically sourced and environmentally better. Steve is driven to keep consumers safe by reducing the risk of food borne illness one high-quality disposable glove at a time.
Lynda Ronaldson is part owner and Vice President of Marketing at Eagle Protect with responsibility for marketing strategy, brand management and media partnerships. She is passionate about food safety and is determined to improve food safety programs in the US food industry through education and collaborative research. Reigning from Scotland, prior to Eagle Lynda worked as a physical therapist.
Barry Michaels is an international scientific consultant on food safety, infectious disease transmission and glove use, and has been an independent advisor to academic institutions, government regulatory agencies, industry and non-profit organisations. He and scientific collaborator Professor Griffith have worked on behalf of the B. Michaels Group Inc., an international scientific consultancy organisation. Michaels & Griffith each have a lifetime of experience in the fields of infectious disease investigation, control and prevention in food and healthcare industries.



Eagle Protect supplies ethically sourced disposable gloves and protective clothing. Eagle’s passion for improving their customers food safety and sustainability practices has led to the ongoing collaboration and research with Barry Michaels, and is dedicated to helping the food industry reduce glove related cross-contamination risks.

Founded in New Zealand over 10 years ago, Eagle Protect grew rapidly to now supply approximately 80% of the primary food processing industry with their core range of products.

Eagle Protect became a certified B Corporation in 2012, and in 2017 was certified Child Labor Free to Manufacturing level for a certain range of products - the world’s first and only disposable glove and clothing specialists to earn both distinctions.

For more information on Eagle Protect and the work we do, download our Press Kit below. 

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Visit our Food Safety Resources page to view summaries of our recent research.




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