Supplier consistency is essential for reliable disposable glove quality, performance, and transparency. Because distributors often purchase from different manufacturers with differing glove chemical formulations, this leads to inconsistent glove quality and performance. Your disposable glove colour may still look blue but all else might be different.

A great deal of faith is placed in supplier's’ ability to deliver disposable gloves sight unseen, and with an end user’s focus often on price, the “ingredients” of a glove’s raw material can be unknowingly changed, lack qualification or testing, and be produced under unsanitary conditions.

For our food handling customers, the introduction of rigorous food safety certifications help manage and mitigate risks and ensure the provision of safe products for use by companies in the food industry. Providing recognised food safety certifications are becoming necessary, with the hazard analysis of the glove manufacturing process and chain of supply essential.

Eagle products are single-sourced, Fingerprint Checked* (FPC) and lot certified safe to ensure manufacturing and product consistency. You receive the same product, same raw material, and same manufacturing process every time.   

*FPC certification process being initiated through 2018. The aim of this is to ensure against the risk of contamination or change in raw materials during manufacturing, providing you consistent product quality to protect your customers and products. Supplier and raw material consistency is essential for disposable glove quality and performance.