Key Guidelines for Maximising Glove Safety

Gloves are essential for safety across various industries, serving as a critical protective barrier for both the user and the materials being handled. Whether you are establishing a new food safety protocol or enhancing an existing HACCP plan, these best practices provide comprehensive guidance from glove selection to maintenance. 

What’s Included

1. Choosing the Right Gloves:

  • Types, durability & thickness
  • Resistance to chemicals and punctures
  • Colours, proper fit and sizing
  • AQL standards and independent testing

2. Dispensing and Hand Hygiene

3. Using Gloves Correctly:

  • Identifying high-risk times for cross-contamination
  • Knowing when to change gloves to avoid contamination
  • Correct methods for putting on (donning) and removing (doffing) gloves

4. Maintaining Gloves:

  • Regular glove replacement
  • Proper storage techniques
  • And more!

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