Hygiene & Disinfection

Our collection of hygiene and disinfectant products includes a wide range of hand, instrument and surface products.
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Sterilisation Pouches
Sterilisation Pouches From $9.50
Virofex Wipe Kit - Alcohol-free
Virofex Wipe Kit - Alcohol-free $69.00
BK Disinfectant Wipes - Alcohol
BK Disinfectant Wipes - Alcohol From $11.50
BK Hand Disinfectant Gel
BK Hand Disinfectant Gel From $3.33
BK Ultrasonic Cleaner
BK Ultrasonic Cleaner From $26.00
BK Hand Disinfectant Rub
BK Hand Disinfectant Rub From $3.33
BK Daily Aspirator Cleaner
BK Daily Aspirator Cleaner From $20.00
BK Hard Surface Disinfectant - Alcohol
BK Hard Surface Disinfectant - Alcohol From $7.00
Virofex Wipes Fragrance-free
Virofex Wipes Fragrance-free From $18.00
BK Liquid Hand Soap
BK Liquid Hand Soap From $8.50
BK Weekly Aspirator Cleaner
BK Weekly Aspirator Cleaner From $20.00
BK Waterline Test Strips
BK Waterline Test Strips $10.00